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Children Embracing in Circle


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Tips to encourage positive behavior changes:

Goal focused Self-Talk:

Remind yourself of your desired end game. If you want change, then you must take action and assess the outcome to evaluate areas to improve next time.

Talk out loud before completing a task you want to avoid: I know I don’t want to do this,
but if I don’t do it now, I will pay for it, maybe at greater cost to your goal.

Create and complete short-term goals:


You know you can complete that day: By having a visual
of completed goals it will show you that your day was not a total waste. Something is better than

Write out a list of goals and mark it off as you do it:


Example of list could be

1.) Change out of your night close into some day clothes.

2.) Go outside for at least 3 minutes if weather permits.

3.) Google, then type positive affirmations images in the search bar and read one of the images and repeat it out loud.

4.) Watch a 30-minute show with a family member.



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