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 Meet the owner of H.M.U

Phoebe Kroells


I am a 36-year-old mother, from Minnesota. I was adopted from Haiti at the age of 5 by a single person, known as my mom. Growing up in a bi-racial household with me and my mother gave me an appreciation of love transference via nature and nurture. The outline of my family structure and support expanded in my early teens after I re-connected with my biological family. The feeling of connection and support did not come to me right away; however, after some self-reflection, I began to measure my worth and value by the abundance of sacrifices made by others on my behalf. 

I joined the Air Force in my mid-20’s. The military affirmed my appreciation ofsacrifice by serving with amazing members who also sacrificed daily for their family, country,and each other. Overall, I grew up under the moral belief system of “It takes a village.” When Ibecame a parent, I quickly learned how difficult it was to build that village. Especially a villageof reliable members who gave me honest and direct feedback.

It is because of my struggles, and lessons learned as a single parent that I began sharing my successes with others whom I saw in similar situations. Prior to joining the military, I spent 10 years working to help others by connecting them to shelter, safety, and their basic needs during their times of crisis. There are moments in raising kids that make you feel trapped, like you don’t know what to do, or you feel alone, like can’t do anything right and constantly feel you are on the verge of giving up if you haven’t already. I have felt all these emotions and never want to return to that state of mind.


It is because of this I have a passion to pass on my lessons to other people who no longer want to feel rejected or devalued as parent. My personal experiences along with my professional knowledge as a clinical therapist give me an advantage in having abilities to effectively communicate with individuals and families with a diverse background without judgement.


“Thank you for responding! And I like the fact that you have military background
and understand the different stressors in our lives.”


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