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  • How much does it cost?
    We offer observations starting at $200 and each added behavior you’re trying to correct (e.g. child not listening) is an additional $100. Though it may not sound cheap upfront, the payoff will be in the long run.
  • Why should I trust your team instead of just Googling a solution?
    The difference between Google and our team is that we are real parents offering real experiences who can actually be there next to you guiding you through your child’s behavioral issues. Additionally, although we are a firm advocate of individualized therapy, you can only book 1 hour at a time at a designated place of the counselor’s choosing whereas we would be entering your surroundings so you’ll be in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. It’s like game day coaching - we'll be right there telling you exactly what to do!
  • What makes your team experts?
    Let us start by saying we are not experts - We are simply parents of children that successfully responded to our approach. What we’ve done doesn’t just work for us but everyone else we’ve passed our methods onto. We can let you know from one parent to another, that we’ve tried this, and it was effective and you can also read our testimonials to know that it works. Finally, what’s unique about the experiences we bring is that you’ll essentially be getting a clinical therapist and a coach all in one
  • About how long does it take to see results?
    As much as you put into it which is why you have to start the process! Your behavior dictates how the child responds.
  • What does your team do for discipline?
    We are not going to tell you how to discipline your child - whatever your form of consequence is, should simply be something that works. If something isn’t working, you have to come up with a consequence that works which we can absolutely brainstorm with you!
  • What does a coaching process look like?
    Section 1 Initial contact: Tuesday - Improvement assessment, provide tips/tools Wednesday - Apply the tips/tools Section 2 Thursday - Questionnaire, provide full improvement plan Friday - Apply the tips/tools Saturday - Apply the tips/tools Sunday - Adjust improvement plan if needed Monday - Apply the tips/tools Tuesday- close out
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