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Behavioral Coaching Hampton Virginia

Life coaches can alter your life in a very positive way. They build your confidence, help you find the support and courage you need to take a big leap in your life, fulfill your dreams, and discover things that are holding you back.

Hampton behavioral coaching guides you to make more meaning in your life by building your character and help you identify your inner potential. Hold My Umbrella offers a wide range of life coaching services such as behavioral coaching, parental coaching, and personalized coaching with a pricing package that is right within your budget.

Let's get a general idea about how much a life coach charges to help you decide which coaching session will work better to give you behavioral empowerment.

General Pricing For Life Coaching

So, how much does a life coach usually charge for an individual session? Most life coaches charge about $200-$1000 per month. This includes 30-60 minute sessions three to four times a month.

How Do Behavioral Coaches In Hampton VA Charge?

Behavioral coach's charges may vary depending on each person's need. The life coach evaluates your situation and the number of sessions you need till you feel a spark in your life. An average going rate for life, coaching is between $100- $500 for one session.

There is no regulated price related to life coaching services. So, if you intend to find a life coaching service that charges less than $75 or higher than $500, you can easily find a life coach within your budget.

Hold My Umbrella offers the most conclusive behavioral coaching Hampton Virginia services to help individuals find the right source of motivation or assist them in being the best parent by equipping them with the right parenting techniques. You can have a 15-min free consulting session with our life coaches, and you will surely feel a positive change.

Pricing Plan To Consider While Choosing A Life Coaching Service

Before choosing any life coaching service, make sure to look at the pricing they offer in terms of the hourly session or whether they offer any reliable packages or not.

  • Coaching services with high rates based on hourly sessions are not recommended as it will cost you more in the long run.

  • Life coaches that charge every month are better than paying high rates for an hour.

  • Life coaches that offer packages combining several sessions into one are highly recommended.

How Much Do Hold My Umbrella Charge For A Session?

If you want our experts and coaches to help you make life-changing decisions, we offer considerable packages for our clients, and our charges include a long-term relationship. Our Hampton VA behavioral coaching has a starting price of around $200.

Improve Your Life With Our Life Coaches

We at Hold My Umbrella guide each individual by catering a coaching program that is tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you want a boost in your business but feel stuck, or are struggling to improve your relations, you can rely on our team of experts to help you take a positive turn in your life.

Get a 15-min free session to learn more about our customized coaching service at

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